HOW to navigaTe

How to navigate?

  1. We recommend that you watch the below 4min Introduction video first which gives an idea of how Panchatantra is structured and gives details about its contents.

  2. Next watch the kathāmukham कथामुखम् video below which explains why Vishnu Sharma wrote Panchatantra.

  3. Next you can listen to one tantra at a time and the 5 tantras are independent of each other. Here it is recommended that you take up the thread story from each tantra which gives the complete picture of that tantra. Thread story will cover all the sub-stories in the order they should be covered.

  4. If you don’t have enough time, you can jump to any sub-story of any tantra as any sub-story can be watched independently too.


Aditi and Bhanavi discuss about the structure of Panchatantra, its importance, the contents and its relevance, in Sanskrit language. They also explain the intention behind this project.

kathāmukham कथामुखम्

Why was Panchatantra written? Listen to this introductory chapter of Panchatantra named Kathamukham which explains the situation that led Vishnu Sharma to compose the Panchatantra.

Now that you have watched the introduction to this series and Panchatantra's Kathamukham, go back to the main page and start watching the main stories.